Nayaab Haandi

Chicken Haandi

Nayaab Haandi’s aromatic and authentic Chicken Haandi has been prepared with brilliant technique, carefully blending rich flavours and selected spices to please your palate hence making it our most famous and loved dish.. Cooked in a clay pot with a rich and creamy tomato puree, a distinct and unique mix of spices and succulent, juicy pieces of chicken all brought together with the rich taste and aroma of authentic ghee. A true revival of ancient Pakistani cooking methods brought to your plate.

This dish has garnered plenty of attention due to its authenticity and unique taste. The Chicken Haandi is a culmination of tastes and aromas that will transcend you back in time.

Dum Pukht Biryani

Indulge in the effervescent flavours and mouth watering aromas of dum pukht, a biryani dish like no other. Experience traditional nawabi fare as you bite into succulent pieces of creamy malai boti chicken, elaborately prepared in a rich sauce adding to the unique flavor of this dish. The process of cooking this elegant dish lies in its name; dum pukht means slow cooking in a sealed container, letting the meat and vegetables cook the rice in its own flavourful juices. The essence of this biryani lies in its rich aroma and exquisite taste. Take in the vibrant colours and divine fragrance of the Dum Pukht Biryani when you visit Nayaab Haandi.

Chicken Kebab

An all time favourite, but a delicacy nonetheless. The Chicken Kebab at Nayaab Haandi is cooked and grilled to perfection blending the right amount of seasoning and spices bringing you a classic dish that will melt in your mouth. Marinated precariously with yogurt, onions, lemon and a colourful mix of rich spices, one bite will result in an explosion of flavour. Smokey and spicy with a char grilled essence, the Chicken Kebab is Nayaab Haandi’s prized possession, garnering plenty of attention from regular guests. Take in the red hue of these tender juicy pieces of chicken, a reward for all your senses.

Malai Boti

A favourite amongst Pakistani cuisine enthusiasts. The Malai Boti Kebab is an amazing flavourful take on the classic grilled chicken. A go to dish during BBQ’s, this heavenly creation is a culmination of all things sinful. Indulge in Nayaab Haandi’s creamy Malai Boti, carefully blended with the right amount of rich spices and thick and copious amounts of heavy cream. Single handedly claimed fame as one of the restaurant’s best-sellers, this sinful dish stays true to its name; Malai means cream and Boti means meat, which perfectly represents the combination of this creamy dish topped off with a strong charcoal aroma. Savour the unique taste of this dish as your tastebuds will be left craving for more.

Chicken Kadahi

A traditional Pakistani dish cooked to perfection in a Kadahi (Wok) is a nostalgia-inducing recipe and the Chicken Kadahi in Nayaab Haandi will transcend you back in time with its home-made charm and flavour. This gravy boasts a vibrant red hue that originated from the dish’s key ingredients; a rich tomato paste blended with chillies. Take your taste buds on a journey with this mildly spicy, tangy and classic chicken dish that is sure to burst into flavours in your mouth. The pure simplicity of this dish is what makes it enticing.


In Nayaab Haandi, we do boast a vast range of delectables leaving you spoilt for choice. From exotic grills and barbecue dishes to intriguing rice delicacies. Carefully put together from a large range of specialities and brought to you with precarious thought are Nayaab Haandi’s famous platters, providing you the best of what we offer. Adding to this mouth-watering treat is the platter’s serving appeal, plating up delicacies of utmost quality and some of the finest flavours you will experience.